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Jun, 2020

2020 Baseball and Softball!!

Schoharie Little League families,

 As we approach the possibility of opening the 2020 Little League baseball and softball season there will be challenges in how we approach the game we love.  This is the framework and expectations we are facilitating to provide a safe environment.  Keep in mind these guidelines are subject to change.      


Safety Measures and Precautions

  • All coaches, players, and umpires will have the option to wear protective face coverings of the nose and mouth for their own comfort and safety, but not required.     

  • All coaches, players, and umpires are encouraged to obtain and carry on their person hand sanitizer for frequent use during the game. 

  • We are asking all coaches, players, and umpires to NOT shake hands, high five, fist bump, etc.

  • All coaches, players, and umpires will maintain 6' Social Distancing as much as possible.

  • All coaches, players, and umpires will use Hand Washing stations provided by Schoharie Little League where/when possible.  A hand washing station will be available at each field.

  • The clubhouse bathroom will be cleaned and sanitized prior to every game.

  • The concession stand will be open with a limited menu, please plan accordingly

  • Players are encouraged to obtain their own personal equipment to reduce the sharing of equipment.  When league equipment is shared, disinfection of equipment between uses will be provided.

  • All equipment, hats, clothes, etc. must be labeled with the players name

  • Spectators at games and practices should be limited and those that attend need to maintain a 6’ social distance.  Signs will be placed throughout the facility encouraging this.    

  • Games and practices will be scheduled with enough time to allow the previous participants to leave prior to the arrival of the next participants.  Families are asked to arrive on time and depart as soon as possible after the completion of the game or practice.     

  • Player temperatures should be taken by a parent prior to attending all practices and games.  All coaches, players, umpires, and spectators must stay home if feeling any symptoms of COVID-19, or showing signs of a fever.    


Game Management

  • The umpire will have the option to work from behind the mound in calling balls and strikes. 

  • The league will have available an ample supply of baseballs prior to the game in order to facilitate frequent rotation and disinfection.  Due to the cleaning of the baseballs/softballs, all will be sent in from the bench.

  • Umpires will not be handling player equipment, (bats/helmets) on plays at the plate, the catcher must clear any loose equipment on an imminent plate play.

  • Players will be separated to the best of the coach’s ability.  All players must stay behind a fence but not required to stay in the dugout.  Managers decision on how to facilitate player  distancing when “in” the dugout.    

  • All players must bring a bag with a name label, bags that can hang on a fence are preferred.    The bag will be used to store the players equipment, hat, clothes, etc. when not in use.       

  • There will be no food, gum, or sunflower seeds in the dugout.  All drink containers must be labeled with the players name, including disposable containers. 

  • A training for all managers and coaches will be required prior to the start of the season to assure all are aware of all necessary precautions.


Keep in mind, planning related to the COVID-19 pandemic is very difficult.  This continues to be a fluid situation with very little guidance.  Our current plan to open with possible best-case scenario dates is as follows:  Remember, this will probably change so check facebook or the website at  frequently for updates.       

The Plan;

            June 22 – teams reassigned and at home practices begin

            June 27 – On field team practices begin

            Week of July 6 – Games or scrimmages begin.  Games would conclude at some point in August.        

 Parents are encouraged to look over the safety procedures and proposed season dates, so they can ask any questions before committing to the summer season.    The Board will do what we can to ensure a safe environment but there is still risk.  Schoharie Little League cannot guarantee a player, coach, or family member will not contract COVID-19 or any other infectious disease.  Parents and players must be comfortable with the safety measures outlined above, as well as the risk if you intend to play.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns. 

If you are planning on NOT playing during the 2020 summer season and registered this spring, please contact Jackie Wayman-Bender at [email protected]  as soon as possible.  If we do not hear from you, we will assume you are comfortable with the above safety procedures as well as the inherent risk, and you intend to play

Please ask questions!!

Dan DeJong – President

[email protected]


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